Welcome to Liana South Austin

Liana LogoLiana South Austin, Texas is proud to provide exceptional assisted living memory care that truly makes a difference in our resident’s lives.  Our exclusive focus is on providing the best, research-based assisted living memory care for people with Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia.

Our building is carefully designed with our residents in mind. Abundant natural light, wide hallways, a secure courtyard, and many other features create an environment that’s safe and calming for our residents.

Every employee at Liana is trained in memory care, because caring for those with dementia is the core of our business. This includes both the team who works with our residents every day, as well as the corporate office staff.

We make each day count at Liana South Austin, with our biography-based life engagement programming. Our team begins with each resident’s interests, history, and preferences, and fills his or her day with personalized experiences that promote cognition, calm, and moments of joy.

Each resident’s meals are also personalized according to his or her preferences.  Our culinary staff is trained specifically to recognize the needs of the individuals in our care. Special occasions and festive experiences also play a part in the dining experience at Liana South Austin. As a family member of a resident, you’ll be invited to attend these special occasions.

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5200A Davis Lane
Austin, TX 78749
Phone: 512-301-8747

Executive Director
Jennifer Scott - 737-222-0836

Director of Sales and Marketing
Laura Dutton - 512-740-9370

Licensed Facility ID# 106821